Monday, June 28, 2010


Jamie told John, "Steven filled me in on Gregory's seizure, and then I looked at his chart when I came in.... I am so, so sorry, John."

"Thanks. But I'm good on sympathy at the moment. What I could use is some actual help."


"Your old friend, Kevin Fowler, got his ambulance-chasing claws into Gregory now. Convinced him to sign a DNR and an Allow Natural Death. Gregory is refusing any further treatment."

"I saw that," Jamie nodded slowly, unsure where John was heading.

"Yeah, well, I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel yet. We still have options."

"Not many. And if he's refused — "

"You and I both know what's left to be tried."


Frankie and Charlie face a future without Cass, Kirkland deals with the new women in both his fathers' lives, Allie, Steven, Sarah, GQ and Jen band together to help Gregory even as John and Sharlene work frantically to stop them, and Felicia and Lucas absorb yet another bombshell.

Plus a classic clip of Vicky explaining why Grant always picks the wrong women.

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Friday, June 25, 2010



Unsure of what to do when Gregory Hudson's mother, Sharlene, called to beg them to talk Gregory out of refusing medical treatment for his brain tumor, Mindy and Rick thought back over other people they'd known who'd gone the same route.

Rick remembered his cousin Johnny, who turned to holistic remedies and prayer for his cancer, and Richard Winslow, who'd begged Reva to end his suffering, and whose heart Rick ended up receiving in a life-saving transplant.

They spoke to Buzz and Ed, both of whom had once made the choice to take their loved ones - Coop and Eve, respectively - off life support.

Ultimately, Mindy decided to call Gregory directly and ask what he wanted Rick and Mindy to tell his son about him.

To read what Buzz, Ed and Gregory said to Mindy, go to: (remember, Twitter posts backwards, with the newest post on top)

For more on what Gregory intends to do, go to:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Go behind the scenes at the As The World Turns final cast photo shoot:


"So, you two... you two guys, you're... together now?" Kirkland fumbled, still unable to look either his father or his aunt in the eye.

"No," Marley shook her head.

"Yes," Grant nodded at the same time.

"Well, that certainly clears things up," Amanda helpfully chirped from her corner of the room, drawing resultant, scathing looks from both.

"You know, you don't need to stay," Grant, equally helpful, notified his ex-wife. "I can drive Kirkland home when he's ready."

At the sound of Grant's offer, Kirkland jumped from the sofa like a rocket. "Actually, I gotta get going. I just wanted to drop by and give you this." He passed a wrapped gift to his dad. "Father's Day and... stuff."

"Thank you," Grant only had a moment to savor the tenderness triggered by Kirkland's remembering him like this, before his son bolted for the door.

Marley, seeing Grant's face fall, called out, "Wait, Kirkland, please. Look, your father and I..." she grimaced and rephrased, "Grant and I, we have been seeing each other. It's all still so new and very, very unexpected, believe me.... I — we both are so sorry that you had to find out the way you did. We never meant to hide or... We just wanted to wait to tell you until we had a better idea of where things were going."

"So where are things going?" Kirkland asked reasonably.


Jamie makes Lorna an offer - and a suggestion, Allie recruits another couple to Gregory's cause, and Sharlene comes face to face with Donna... at John's.

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Monday, June 21, 2010


This time around, Lorna made sure to call and double-check for herself exactly what time Cass' allocution — and Lucas' release — were scheduled for.

She arrived a half-hour late deliberately, happily managing to miss the bulk of Felicia and Frankie's testimony singing Cass' praises and demonizing Cecile (not that Lorna objected to the latter, if asked she certainly had a story or two of her own to contribute) during the sentencing portion. Morgan was there, too. Lorna exchanged a quick glance with Cass' brother — he raised one palm in a wave and she instinctively, if somewhat self-consciously, smiled back — before slipping into the wooden pew across from her mother and the rest of Cass' cheering section.

Lorna looked around, noting that Lucas hadn't been brought in yet. She realized that as far as Felicia was concerned, his pardon was a done deal. That's how much she trusted Cass. But Lorna had no intention of exhaling until her father had been officially declared a free man, the handcuffs taken off and Lucas allowed to walk out of the courtroom, get in his car and drive home without a black and white picking him up along the way. That's how much Lorna trusted... anybody.

The Ballad of St. Cass finally over, Chase Hamilton stood up, sighed, turned to address the gallery and wondered out loud, "Would anyone else care to confess to this murder? Ollie-ollie-home free, speak now or forever hold your peace."


Rachel can't believe Carl's latest ally, Grant and Marley get caught, Jamie refuses Lorna's request, Sarah forces Allie to ponder the consequences of her actions, Kirkland reassures Charlie, while Frankie and Felicia face a nightmare.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

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Stressing out about her fitness as a parent, Mindy turned to two of the best Springfield parents she knew - Michelle and Danny Santos. To find out what advice Michelle gave the nervous new mom, check out Mindy's tweets of their conversation at:

Later, Mindy and Rick were relaxing together after a long day (with Rick letting Mindy in on a secret about his own mother), when they got a call from Sharlene Frame, Hudson's biological grandmother.

Sharlene had a huge favor to ask of Mindy, leaving her speechless.

Find out what it was at: and help Guide the Light by tweeting Mindy your advice about what she should do.

(For more on what Mindy doesn't know about her new son's background, go to: and look for the Allie/Gregory scenes.)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Kevin pulled up a chair. "Allie thought I might be able to help you with some legal matters. I'll tell you right up front, this isn't precisely my area. But I can talk you through a few of the options you have."

"You mean like a DNR?" Gregory asked, explaining to Allie. "It means a Do Not Resuscitate order. If my heart stops beating or I stop breathing, a DNR keeps the doctors from shocking me with their paddles or stuffing a tube down my throat."

Allie nodded mutely, unsure of how to react.

"A DNR, yes," Kevin agreed. "But there is also alternative wording. It's relatively new, so it's open to interpretation. It's called Allow Natural Death."

Gregory chewed on the phrasing. "I like it," he said finally.

"How can you like it?" Allie blurted out, unable to restrain herself any longer. "You're talking about dying without even putting up a fight!"


Rachel offers Carl an ultimatum, prompting him to turn to a surprise source for help; Cass says good-bye to Frankie, Matt tracks down Donna, Sharlene and John refuse Gregory's request - should Allie do the same?

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Monday, June 14, 2010


"You swore on your children's lives," Rachel reminded Carl. "That you did not take the file Spencer gave me on Donna, and pass it on to Cecile. Now swear that you didn't give it to Lucas."

Carl held his wife's gaze for a long beat. Softly, he told her, "You know I can't do that."

"Damn it," Rachel cursed. "You were in on it! Right from the very beginning!"

"She stole my child from me, and then she got Jenna killed. Did you honestly expect me to just stand by — "

"You promised me!"

"She was my child!"

"What about my child?" Rachel challenged. "What about Jamie? You knew he was innocent. You knew he had nothing to do with killing Cecile. That it was you and Lucas who set up the whole thing."


Lorna and Felicia clash over the men in their lives, Alice makes a confession to Amanda, and Gregory refuses John's help.

Plus a classic Felicia/Lucas/Lorna/Jenna/Dean clip!

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Friday, June 11, 2010

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Mindy decided against trying to contact her mother again, choosing instead to go visit Lizzie, whom she found (as is often the case) in the middle of yet another crisis with Sarah.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Felicia asked, "Were you aware that Lorna and Jamie..."

"Yes," Rachel sighed. "I found out about it in a bit of an... abrupt manner, but, yes, I do know they're currently... together."

"Does that make any sense to you at all?" Felicia wondered, mother to mother.

"No," Rachel was happy to reply, and even more happy to spy the agreement on Felicia's face.

"They are so utterly and completely different."

"Jamie is much, much too conventional for Lorna."

"And Lorna is much too explosive for Jamie."

Rachel shrugged. "I guess they'll figure it out for themselves sooner or later. Let them have their fun for now, I suppose."

"Right. If there is one thing you and I absolutely shirk from it's meddling in our grown children's lives."

"You know," Rachel observed. "I hear there are some parents who actually do that. And on more than one occasion, too."

"I can't even imagine it," Felicia said.

They smiled in brief camaraderie at each other, before both remembered why Felicia had actually come by, and what was, in fact, at stake.

"You want me to find out from Carl where he got the file to give Lucas," Rachel double-checked even as, deep down, the answer was obvious... and highly troubling.

* * *

Felicia turns to Rachel as Cass prepares to turn himself in, Amanda stumps Spencer, Alice and Kevin share a moment of rapprochement, Lorna gets a shock, and John receives unexpected support before reaching a drastic decision.

Plus, classic Frankie clips with Cass and John!

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Monday, June 07, 2010


"Am I disturbing you?" Lila poked her head into Rachel's studio, where Matt's mother seemed intent on kneading a particularly stubborn block of clay into pliant submission. "I know it's late, but I saw the light on..."

"Not at all, come in." Rachel wiped the sweat off her forehead with the sleeve of her work-shirt and looked up, smiling. "I'm afraid the last few weeks, with all that's been going on regarding Jamie, I just didn't have the motivation to generate anything beyond worry. Now though, it's as if all the stopped up ideas are coming out at the same time. I've been at it for hours. I could use a break." She reached for a bottle of water and offered one to Lila. "How are you, darling?"

Lila sighed as she took a sip. "Looking for a little advice, I'm afraid."

"That's what I'm here for."

She began, "It's about Kevin."

"Can't say I'm surprised."

"Really?" Lila screwed the cap back on. "Why not?"

"Well, let's see. You're a better mother than I ever was, so you can't be needing my advice on that front. You seem to have Grant Harrison under better control than anyone ever has, and, in any case, you wouldn't be coming to me about him. That just leaves men, an area in which I may not have more wisdom than you, but certainly a few more years of experience. Besides, I caught your barb to Amanda the other morning. Something is clearly going on."

* * *

Felicia pulls out all the stops to save Cass, Amanda threatens Grant, Matt and Lorna relive the not-so-good old days, Allie turns to an unlikely source for help, and Frankie makes a confession.

Plus: Lucas/Felicia and Matt/Lorna clips!

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Friday, June 04, 2010



After her mother stomped off in a huff, Mindy turned to her Twitter followers for their opinion on what went wrong. While some agreed that Mindy shouldn't have invaded her mother's privacy like that, others suggested that Rose's reaction stemmed from fear that Mindy's twittering might have revealed her true identity to the authorities.

Curious, Mindy called Cyrus for his opinion on the situation and, while she had him on the phone, asked Cyrus how Leah was handling Rick and Mindy's adoption of Hudson.

To find out what wisdom Cyrus offered regarding both topics - and more - go to:, the only officially sanctioned GL continuation and Help Guide the Light!

Thursday, June 03, 2010


"You said you would do anything you had to," Frankie reminded Cass, "To make sure you'd never lose me again."

"I know what I said." He snarled, "And I don't appreciate being blackmailed, Mary Frances."

"It's not what I'm doing, Cass, and you know it. You know me. You know that this is tearing me apart. But you also know that not to do the right thing would hurt me even more. And you are not capable of hurting me. Not like this, not this deeply."

"I never meant for any of this to happen," Cass swore.

"I believe you."

"I kept hoping that somebody else would do something, that somebody else would take care of my problem. And then I realized that wasn't going to happen, that it was up to me. You told me to be a man earlier, Frankie? I was trying to be a man. I was trying to look after you and Charlie and Lori Ann."

"I love you for that."

"You love me so much you're willing for us to be separated indefinitely. They'll charge me with murder, you know, I have no doubt about that...."

* * *

Cass comes to a decision, Donna and Marley face some harsh truths about each other - and themselves, Gregory finally tells all to Allie, Kevin explains himself to Jen, and Steven and Kirkland deal with the consequences of Jamie's past.

Plus classic clips of Michael and Donna, and Cass, Frankie and John (don't let the hooker and pimp outfits scare you; they were on a stake-out).

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


"What are you doing here, Donna?" Marley pried loose her bedroom door a crack, hurriedly pulling on a robe and smoothing her unruly hair down with the fingers of one hand. "Did you escape from the hospital?"

"What? No! No, of course not." Donna flushed scarlet as she realized what precisely she'd interrupted; she'd been on Marley's side of the equation too many times not to recognize the telltale signs. Donna was about to apologize and make herself scarce — disturbing her daughter while she was... entertaining was definitely not the way Donna had intended to extend her homecoming olive branch — when a faint whiff of male cologne wafting off Marley's hair and skin hit Donna's sense memory with the forcible impact of twenty horrific years passed.

Without thinking through her actions, Donna shoved Marley's door the rest of the way, already knowing whom she'd find on the other side even before her eyes confirmed it.

Grant Harrison. Sitting on Marley's bed. On her unmade bed. Tying his shoelaces.

"Donna," he greeted as if her arrival were a long time coming. "You're looking a modicum less insane."

* * *

Jamie wrestles with revealing all to his sons, Sharlene tears into Allie, Alice points Amanda in a surprising direction, and Cass comes to a decision about his family's future.

Plus, classic clips of Frankie and John dealing with Gregory's first medical crisis, and Grant and Spencer setting a speed record in family dysfunction.

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