Thursday, June 10, 2010


Felicia asked, "Were you aware that Lorna and Jamie..."

"Yes," Rachel sighed. "I found out about it in a bit of an... abrupt manner, but, yes, I do know they're currently... together."

"Does that make any sense to you at all?" Felicia wondered, mother to mother.

"No," Rachel was happy to reply, and even more happy to spy the agreement on Felicia's face.

"They are so utterly and completely different."

"Jamie is much, much too conventional for Lorna."

"And Lorna is much too explosive for Jamie."

Rachel shrugged. "I guess they'll figure it out for themselves sooner or later. Let them have their fun for now, I suppose."

"Right. If there is one thing you and I absolutely shirk from it's meddling in our grown children's lives."

"You know," Rachel observed. "I hear there are some parents who actually do that. And on more than one occasion, too."

"I can't even imagine it," Felicia said.

They smiled in brief camaraderie at each other, before both remembered why Felicia had actually come by, and what was, in fact, at stake.

"You want me to find out from Carl where he got the file to give Lucas," Rachel double-checked even as, deep down, the answer was obvious... and highly troubling.

* * *

Felicia turns to Rachel as Cass prepares to turn himself in, Amanda stumps Spencer, Alice and Kevin share a moment of rapprochement, Lorna gets a shock, and John receives unexpected support before reaching a drastic decision.

Plus, classic Frankie clips with Cass and John!

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