Friday, October 02, 2009


The entire family gathered at the hospital for the impending birth of Bill and Lizzie's baby.

While in the waiting room, Mindy prodded Phillip into confessing why he'd been acting so distant lately. Phillip admitted that ever since the one year anniversary of Alan's death, he's been ruminating on what went wrong in his relationship with his father. Phillip doesn't want the sins of the past to affect his future with Beth, Lizzie and James.

Phillip concluded that the root cause of all his problems with Alan, not to mention the root cause of Alan's problem with the human race, was money. Phillip announced that he intended to give his entire fortune away, every penny.

Beth, who was hearing of his plans for the first time, was furious. Beth wanted to know how Phillip intended to live, seeing as how he had no marketable skills and had really never done much beyond be a professional Spaulding. Phillip challenged that he'd gotten by on his own before, there were his recent years in exile, not to mention going all the way back to his and Beth's teen adventure in New York.

But Beth countered that Phillip never really had to survive unsupported. No matter how dire the situation may have gotten, he always knew that he had the safety cushion of the Spaulding name and money to fall back on. He never really had to go without, like Beth has.

Rick wasn't pleased with Mindy's butting in to Phillip and Beth's business, but all conflicts were put on hold when Bill came out to announce that Lizzie had delivered... but there were complications.

He reminded his family how unreliable pre-natal tests were in Springfield, then took them to Lizzie's room and introduced the Lewis/Spaulding/Bauers/Coopers to... Alana Grace Lewis.

Alana after Alan, Grace after Vanessa's middle name, the newest Lewis is a girl!

Meeting her niece prompted Mindy to tell Rick that she wanted a baby.

Rick promised her they'd have one.

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