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Weekly Synopsis October 5, 2009-October 10, 2009 of the continuing Springfield story @

Rick promised Mindy they'd have their own baby soon. Mindy reminded Rick of the two babies she lost with Phillip and Roger and her fear that she is incapable of carrying to term, but he assured her that "Bauer Power" would win out.

Jonathan brought Sarah to visit Lizzie and Alana Grace at the hospital, but Sarah burst into tears and insisted that she was Lizzie's little girl, nobody else was, and refused to go to her mother. Lizzie was devastated by Sarah's rejection. Bill confided to Mindy that Lizzie still felt so much guilt over all the time she'd missed with Sarah, and that she was still convinced her daughter didn't really love her.

James stopped by to see Lizzie and the baby and was furious when Beth filled him in on Phillip's plan to give away all the Spaulding money.

Rick and Mindy met Mel at Leah's school, where the teacher told them their daughter was profoundly gifted and recommended she be placed in an accelerated academic program. Rick was thrilled, but Mel put her foot down. She remembered that her parents had forced her into such a program and that it made her miserable. All Mel learned how to do there was please other people at her own expense. She didn't even know what she really wanted out of life until recently.

Rick snarked that he didn't realize Cyrus was considered Adult Education.

Mel retaliated by asking how that Accelerated Medical School program worked out for Rick? Had he actually ever saved a patient?

Mel said the conversation was over. Rick said, "The hell it is."

Mindy felt very uncomfortable and out of place in her new role as stepmother.

Who is right when it comes to Leah, Rick or Mel?

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