Friday, September 03, 2010



To take her mind off Hudson's biological mother, Allie, being arrested for Gregory's death in Bay City (read all about it at:, Mindy headed over to Lizzie's so that Hudson could play with his cousins, Sarah and Alana.

While Mindy was there, Lizzie got a phone-call telling her that Sarah had gotten off the waitlist for Springfield Academy Pre-School. Lizzie was thrilled. Jonathan was not.

He reminded Lizzie they'd agreed that Sarah would go to the parent co-op preschool that Jonathan's girlfriend, Aubrey, picked out. (For more on Jonathan and Aubrey's relationship, pick up a $.99 cent copy of Jonathan's Story via: )

Jonathan lectured Lizzie, "Aubrey is the one who found this school for Sarah. She actually went and visited a dozen different places; took notes, too. She didn't just pick the most expensive one and assume it was best. It's a parent coop, which means families have to do their share. Aubrey's been over there for the last MONTH, helping paint the classroom, fix up the toys, making sure Sarah has a great place to go to. What have you done for your daughter in the past month except stress out that her whole life will be ruined if she doesn't go to Stuffy U?"

"Are you saying you think Aubrey's a better mom to Sarah than me?" Lizzie wanted to know.

"Aubrey cares about Sarah because she's Sarah, not as some dress up doll, Mini-Me that's supposed to make up for her own crappy childhood."

Stung, Lizzie slapped Jonathan... just as Sarah walked into the room.

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