Friday, November 13, 2009



Rick tried to convince Leah that Kevin was her half-brother in order to keep her from seeing him again. A furious Leah stomped off after declaring her father "Gross," but Mindy wasn't buying it. Even after Rick told her the whole sordid story of sleeping with Blake and fathering one - but not both - of her twins, Mindy refused to believe that Rick could or would ever turn his back on his own child.

Later, Blake arrived at their door, smacked Rick and told him, "I don't appreciate you telling my son I'm a slut."

Blake explained that Leah called and told Kevin, and Kevin told Blake. (Mindy privately wondered at the miracle of cell-phones and recalled that back in her technology-lite day, it took Phillip YEARS to untangle his own twisted paternity.)

Rick feebly tried to explain that he thought Kevin was a bad influence on Leah, encouraging her to lie, skip school...

"So instead of disciplining your own kid," Blake raged, "You chose to screw with mine?"

Blake forced Rick to admit to Leah, Kevin and Jason that he'd lied. Leah and Jason were furious, but Kevin accepted the confession with grace.

"That's alright, Dr. Bauer," he said. "I'm sorry too, for convincing Leah to skip school."

"You didn't convince-" Leah corrected.

Kevin cut her off. "I take full responsibility. You were right to be angry. We both made mistakes today."

Blake, however, told Rick, "Only reason Frank isn't here with his gun is because he has two daughters. He understands your insanity."

After the Marlers left, Rick mused, "Maybe I misjudged him. He was so mature. Polite. Seems like a good kid."

But Mindy - and Holly - disagreed.

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Unknown said...

Can I get to follow this story line if I don't Twitter?

Aquila said...

You don't need a twitter account to read it:

Just be aware that you need to read from the bottom up, that's the order they are posted in. But they seem to be posting a summary on here each week.