Friday, October 30, 2009



Mindy reluctantly agreed to watch Alana so that Lizzie could go to Jonathan's place to get Sarah from Aubrey. (And she promised to keep it a secret from Bill.)

While baby-sitting, Mindy got a visit from Alex, dropping by Springfield to meet her new great-niece.

"That's great-great niece," Mindy corrected, never overlooking an opportunity to remind Alex that she was really, really old.

Alex retaliated by telling Mindy that Nick is deliriously happy these days (the "without you" was implied).

Alex then congratulated Mindy on her recent marriage to Rick, apologized for not having sent a gift, but reassured that she did send Ed her condolences.

After Alex left, Bill called Mindy wondering where Lizzie was. Mindy lied that Lizzie had taken Alana for a visit with Sarah, then threw the baby in the car and raced to Jonathan's.

She arrived to find a perfectly calm Mindy, Aubrey and Sarah enjoying a tea-party. Bill dropped by and joined in, even agreeing to wear a tiara at Sarah's urging!

All was going swimmingly, until it was time to go home and Lizzie tried to get Sarah to come with her. The little girl cried and clung to Aubrey, who refused to make her leave. When Lizzie attempted to pull Sarah away, Bill interfered.

Lizzie lost it, blasted him and stormed out, driving away.

Mindy hoped she was the only one who noticed that Lizzie hadn't given a second thought to leaving Alana behind. But she could tell from the look on Bill's face, that he'd noticed, too...

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Susana said...

Thanks for all the updates, Mindy. You certainly didn't have a dull life this week! What did you and Rick do for Halloween? What about little Sarah - what was her costume? And Bill...let your brother know we're hoping Lizzie comes to her senses soon!

LovingLight said...

Thanks for this blog and particularly for the beautiful pic of Krista & Vincent.(Too bad we never have the chance to see them together on screen)

Am I the only one who doesn't like the name Alana ?

Shamos said...
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Shamos said...

Enjoying Mindy's TWEETS, but it truly makes me sad about GL being gone. The plots are good, and most of all I would have loved to see my fave, Krista Tesreau, playing these scenes (especially all the ones with Marj Dusay's ALEX).