Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On Friday, October 30 - Holden prepares to make love. The question you might ask yourselves is to who.


nancyd said...

LOL that doesn't look like a man about to make love. So I'm guessing it's not going to be with who he was supposed to meet in the cabin lol.

It's great to see spoiler pics back! Thank you!

TomarCarjack said...

Of all that is going on on ATWT right now, I am absolutely sickened by Lily and this is the only story line I would rather not be watching. The rest is top notch stuff!

Thanks for bringing back the ATWT material on the site!!! I've felt like ATWT was missing in action over here and it's the only show that's still on the air! Please keep it coming!

Deann said...

Haha... Holden doesn't look very happy.

Thanks for all the ATWT posts!!! Now I'm visiting this blog again on a regular basis.

supersage21 said...

He PREPARES to make love. What is he doing? Trying to decide to drink Coca Cola, Rum, Rum and Coke or just plain water with his viagra?