Monday, October 26, 2009


Jamie and Alice share a secret, as Cass and Frankie reveal theirs to the world.

Matt takes Donna to see Lori Ann and makes a surprising confession, while Felicia and Lorna search for Dean by revisiting his past - and theirs.

Grant surprises Lila, and Allie gets smacked with a surprise of her own.

Plus, Carl goes Shakespearean and Rachel revives an old grudge.

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elvara said...

Not that anyone cares on this blog but, WHY don't you talk about the soap that is still on the AIR? ATWT deserves a chance. Why don't you give it one?

Deann said...

I second elvara's comment. Nostalgia is nice, but wee need more ATWT related postings. Articles, photo shoots, spoiler photos,etc. It would be nice if it was something that we could get on a weekly basis.