Tuesday, June 17, 2008


On June 21, 1983, after a traditional courtship that included a drug dealer's missing hat, a magician's hungry cougar, raging rapids, a booby-trapped castle, a love-struck polygamous African tribal chief, and a homicidal dwarf by the name of Mr. Big (long before Sex and the City co-opted the moniker), ATWT's Margo Montgomery and Thomas Christopher Hughes wed in an out of the blue ceremony beneath a trellis in Oakdale Park.

The bride's mother wore a housecoat and curlers. (Out of the blue meant literally that. Tom and Margo simply called up their friends and family and insisted they come out right away -- it was an emergency!). The minister drove an ice-cream truck. The bride and groom themselves chose to zoom in on a motorcycle. (Unless they were driving with their eyes closed, we have to assume they laughed in the face of superstition and saw each other before the ceremony. Or maybe they just laughed in the face of safe-driving laws.)

Actors Margaret Colin and Justin Deas, the couple's original portrayers wed in real-life in January of 1988. They have two sons and are still together to this day.

Margo and Tom, as currently played by Ellen Dolan and Scott Holmes, have also managed to weather the ups and downs of married life. Their marriage produced three sons. Unfortunately, one is his, one is hers, and only one is actually theirs. (And he's currently sleeping with the mother of his younger half brother.)

But twenty-five years, even with infidelities on both sides, is still a milestone to be celebrated.

Tune in on July 2, 2008 to watch Oakdale's longest-married couple toast their quarter decade of togetherness -- and receive a very special gift from mother-in-law Lisa (who knows a little something about marriage -- though not the long lasting kind.)


Oakdalian said...

Somebody at ATWT must have been reading message boards, because I expected this occasion to go by without a mention. The fans have been wanting it for months. But didn't Tom and Margo get married in the fall of 1983?

Wolfsmoon said...

Oakdalian - They were married June 3rd, 1983.

I had almost given up hope on seeing their anniversary celebrated, but I can't even begin to describe how thrilled I am that it will be. I adore this couple! I've always thought of them as one of ATWT's strong couples. They have so much history together and have been together for almost half of the show's history. It's so rare to see a marriage survive for so long, and it's a real treat to see that they both still love each other deeply and have cute flirtatious moments.

Shannon said...

wolfsmoon, you're not the only one who had almost given up on seeing this happen.

Oakdalian--it helps A LOT when there were postcards being sent in since January to remind them of this....

It is definitely great that this is being acknowledged and it should be! What other couple on the show can say that they've been together for this long (with out a divorce on top of it)?

Miss Mary said...

All I can say is CG can say all he wants about "not listening to his viewers" but certainly someone at P&G paid attention to the heavy effort by their fans to have Tom & Margo's anniversary recognized. Go ToMargo fans!!!

I for one am thrilled that this wonderful couple have been given a day to celebrate their milestone! They are without a doubt one of the most genuine couples on daytime. I just love their chemistry.

Wolfsmoon said...

"What other couple on the show can say that they've been together for this long (with out a divorce on top of it)?"

None, Shannon. Chris and Nancy were married for 50 years, but their entire marriage hadn't been onscreen. While Bob and Kim have never divorced since marrying, they were married 2 years after Tom and Margo were. Which make Tom and Margo ATWT's current longest couple, and I would even venture that they rank as one of the longest consecutive marriages in daytime. They'd definitely be somewhere among the top five.

I wonder if we could see a couple more pictures from their anniversary? These ones are great!