Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Cassie (Nicole Forester) saw something. And she would really, really, really like Cyrus (Murray Bartlett) to see it, too.

What was it? Will he?

Tune into Guiding Light next week to find out!


supersage21 said...

Cassie: "Look, Cyrus! That's the way a soap opera is really written."

(Cassie points to One Life to Live and All My Children)

Cyrus: "Crikey!"

Anonymous said...

Nicole Forrester: "Murray, look, it's Davie and Ellie and their gonna try to scotchtape Cyrus and Cassie together as yet another nauseating, worthless couple that everybody hates just because they made them boink in that tacky barn that one time for no reason whatsoever!"

Murray Bartlett: "OMG, Nicole, I think you're right. But that makes no sense whatsoever, especially since Cyrus's scumbag brother murderered Cassie's daughter. Oh wait, that's right, that's the reason WHY they're doing it. Kinda like how they made Cyrus and Harley screw around behind Marina's back BECAUSE it was grotesque and totally out of character for both of them. On the upside, Cyrus and Cassie couldn't possibly be any worse than Mallet and Marina."

Nicole: "I know. Poor Mandy and Rob. They're doomed. But what do WE do now?"

Murray: "I don't know about you, but I'm going back to Australia. On foot if necessary, but I just can't take this crap anymore.

Ricky Paul Goldin and Beth Ehlers, screaming in unison, from the sidelines: "Nicole! Murray! Run! Run for you careers, before it's too late!"

Billie said...

Cyrus belongs with Marina and Mallet belongs with Dinah and Cassie...I don't really care what you do with Cassie.