Thursday, December 03, 2009


In 1966, after the suicide of his wife, Julie, Mike Bauer (pictured above with mom Bert) packed up his young daughter, Hope, and left Springfield to make a new life for them both in Bay City.

He joined John Randolph's law firm, and began a relationship with John's college-age daughter, Lee.

Lee fell for Mike right away, but Mike wasn't ready to jump into a commitment quite yet... especially after meeting Lee's young stepmother, Pat.

A car accident caused by Lee had left John paralyzed and deeply depressed. Though Pat attempted to nurse her husband back to health, John's humiliation at his debilitation forced him to push Pat away... and straight towards Mike.

Unwilling to hurt John, Mike and Pat agreed to keep their distance, and Mike prepared to move back to Springfield in 1967. But not before kissing Pat good-by. A kiss Lee witnessed.

The 1960s Guiding Light/Another World cross-over was possible because, even though the shows aired on different networks, both were P&G productions created by Irna Phillips. In later years, several AW characters visited ATWT's Oakdale, and Cass Winthrop even made a stop in Springfield, cementing the reality that all three shows existed in the same (fictional) universe.

Today, in the spirit of those earlier cross-overs, GL's Rick and Mindy pay a visit to Bay City. Read all about it at and at!


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