Friday, December 18, 2009

GUIDING LIGHT SYNOPSIS 12/14/09-12/18/09


Mindy confronted Billy about the discrepancies with her birth certificate, and he finally admitted that the one she'd been using all these years was a forgery.

Billy explained that Mindy's mother, Dina, had been only seventeen years old when she got pregnant. The only way they could have gotten married in Tulsa at the time was by asking her parents' permission. But as she didn't want to tell them she was pregnant, Dina and Billy ran away together. They got married once she turned 18, but Dina, who had been raised very properly, never wanted her daughter to know that she'd been born illegitimate. It was her dying request that Billy keep it a secret.

Mindy forgave her father and happily made plans to order her authentic birth certificate and proceed with her and Rick's plans to adopt a baby. But when Mindy called the attorney representing them and explained what Billy had said, Kevin Fowler told her the story couldn't be true. (Read their entire conversation at:

Meanwhile, in an attempt to keep Leah from going off on a ski trip with Kevin Marler during the holidays, Rick offered to have Blake and her family over for Christmas. When Leah pointed out that Frank would probably want to spend it with the Coopers, Rick suggested having them - as well Danny and Michelle and their family - join the Bauers as well.

Mindy freaked that they didn't have the room to host such a big bash, so Rick blithely volunteered the Spaulding mansion. They would all descend on Phillip's house for a Springfield-wide celebration. Meaning that Mindy would have to spend her holiday within sight of Alex... (And Holly would be forced face to face with Fletch.)

But as she stressed about that, Mindy wondered whether she should confront Billy over what Kevin had said right away, or wait until after Christmas so as not to ruin her first one as Mrs. Rick Bauer.

Several GL fans have already chimed in their opinions about what Mindy should do. Now it's your turn! Help Guide the Light and give Mindy your opinion at:!


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