Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The holiday season is all about fun, so we thought we'd have a festive little scavenger hunt in Bay City to ring in the season!

First person to post the correct answer to the below question in the Comments section, gets to pick a future AWT poll query!

Question: What is Carl Hutchins favorite rock and roll band?

The answer can be found in an Another World Today featured clip, all of which are available via:

Happy Hunting!


Constance Lee Stone said...

Rolling Stones!

Alina Adams said...

Sorry, Constance. Guessing is fine, but if you want to find the right answer, you're going to have to play the game and check through the clips!

Kristin K. said...

Pink Floyd :)

Alina Adams said...

You got it, Kristen!

Please e-mail us at (replace the AT with @) with your suggestion for a future poll question!

And for those who doubt this is, in fact, Carl's favorite band, the proof is in the second, classic Carl and Lorna clip on Episode #10 (

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