Thursday, February 09, 2012


Valentine's Day 2008 in Oakdale was a study in What If?

What if Lily had died and Holden was left to carry on alone?
What if Noah had joined the Navy instead of becoming a filmmaker?
What if Tom and Margo, and Carly and Jack, and Brad and Katie lived in a classic movie?

In the winter of 2008, As The World Turns (along with the rest of the television industry), was in the middle of a writer's strike. That meant that stories already in progress were left spinning their wheels. This was bad. On the other hand, being unable to continue a story did lead to creative, stand alone episodes like the Valentine's Day fantasy. This was good.

Click on the clip below then follow the subsequent links on YouTube and see for yourself what life might have been like in Oakdale, if matters had gone a little differently....


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