Thursday, February 23, 2012


“What is your intention, Donna?” Frankie asked, now merely curious, no longer invested. “What exactly are you and Matt trying to pull, him being married to both you and Jeanne at the same time?”

“Do you, or do you not intend to keep this information to yourself?” Donna demanded, fed up with playing games.

“I can’t,” Frankie said. “I owe it to my client.”

“Your client?”

“Dean,” Frankie filled her in. “He hired me to investigate you before Jenna’s wrongful death suit hits court. This is a pretty intriguing piece of evidence, wouldn’t you say?”


Donna considers striking back - and striking first, while Chase sets a trap for Grant - and so does Sarah. Morgan questions Amanda's sincerity, Steven questions Jen's honesty, and Charlie questions adulthood.

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