Monday, February 20, 2012


“Eating alone, Fanny?” Carl inquired as he towered over Felicia at Tops.

“Beats drinking alone,” she toasted him with a crystal chalice of seltzer. “Bottom’s up!”

“I must confess, I have always enjoyed the solitude of my own company.”

“Nice to chat with an equal once in a while?” Felicia guessed.

“Something like that,” he smiled wryly.

“Is that what you’re doing tonight?” She looked around him for signs of Rachel or the twins. “Taking a cerebral sabbatical from the wife and kids?”

“Not exactly,” he cleared his throat. And didn’t say anything else.

It was the fact of Carl Hutchins managing to stop at a two word phrase – with nary a quote or allusion in sight, that drew Felicia’s attention to the incongruity. She set down her glass and studied him with renewed curiosity. “What’s going on?”

Was that Carl looking ill at ease? Carl never looked ill at ease. He knew that as well as anyone. Which was probably why Carl attempted to play his answer off as being of no consequence whatsoever when he admitted, “Rachel requested that I take a… leave of absence from our place of residence, so she might endeavor to – “

“Rachel threw you out?”


A chat with Felicia offers Carl a new approach towards Rachel, Sarah's plan for Grant hinges on Steven's response to Marley, Cass and Frankie put Charlie on the spot regarding Kirkland, and Amanda does her best to stand by Kevin.

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