Thursday, February 09, 2012


“You have no right to be stringing John along,” Sharlene calmly told Donna, without a trace of hysteria tainting her voice. “While you are secretly married to Matt.”

Donna blinked, frozen in place, frantically thinking of a way to deny it, when Sharlene showed Donna a copy of her own marriage license. Any thought of denial promptly went out the window.

Donna stared down at the document, then back up at Sharlene. “Where – “

“It doesn’t matter.”

“You don’t understand. If this were to come out, Matthew – “

“I’ve got no bone to pick with Matt. I don’t understand what he’s done or why, but he’s no concern of mine.”

“I take it I shouldn’t anticipate a similar exemption?”


Sharlene confronts Donna over John, Marley fills Jamie and Lorna in on her latest news, Amanda goes to Frankie for advice, Carl - and Elizabeth - adjust to life without Rachel, and Kirkland learns that his troubles are just beginning.

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