Monday, February 27, 2012


A very good friend of mine is preparing a research paper on soap operas to present at a major media conference. They are looking to include examples of the following from viewers:

* Viewer education as a result of a health-related storyline (i.e. someone getting a pap smear because of Bert Bauer, HIV awareness due to
Robin Scorpio,etc.)?

* Soap opera viewing used as a welcome break from “real-life problems”?

* Soap viewing as diversion (specifically, viewing of a soap, for entertainment purposes, that spans years/decades)?

* Viewer response to long-dormant character or storyline resurfacing after years or decades?

* Long-term friendships forming as a result of involvement in soap opera fangroups, fan events, or viewing parties?

* Involvement in any “fan activism” (i.e. “Save Our Show” campaigns)?

Please e-mail me your responses at All answers will be kept completely confidential, and are for academic research purposes only.

Want to show what it truly means to be an engaged, intelligent, involved soap fan? This is your chance!


Christie & Roger said...

I'd love to connect with you! I'm working on a book about soap opera fans. Please e-mail me at or send a facebook message to me: Christie Beck. Good luck with your paper!

Sarah said...

Good Luck with your paper. I would be curious to hear more about this also.