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I loved (The Worldwide Dessert Contest: Enhanced Multimedia Edition). I rarely read books on the computer, but this one you must read on the computer, or reading device, like the Kindle (of which I don't own). The music is upbeat, fun and takes me back to my high school musical days.... The end will surprise you though! Not only does this book bring the story to life with music and lyrics, but it teaches a lesson as well.

Planet Weidknecht:
I have never experienced a book quite like this before! The Worldwide Dessert Contest: Enhanced Multimedia Edition is a Kindle Reader download (also available in ePub) that goes beyond regular book-reading. The story is written for ages 9-11 (grades 4-6) and tells a frolicking story about John Applefeller's annual failure to win the worldwide dessert contest.... Throughout the ebook, there are links that take the reader to videofeeds that complement the story with an original musical score. These fun songs are catchy and really enhance the experience of the book. Technology continues to amaze me. I remember how excited my family was to get a beta vhs player! Dan Elish, author of this book, knows how to create an adventure that will thrill young readers. This is a very well done glimpse into the future of how we will experience authors' creations. (Click on the link above for a chance to win a free copy!)

Want to learn more about enhanced ebooks (reading them, writing them, building them, selling them)?

I'll be speaking on the subject this Monday, February 6, 2012 at the NYC Chapter of the National Writers' Union meeting in The Houndstooth Pub (520 8th Ave. at 37th St. in Manhattan) from 6 to 8:30 PM.

Details at: (most important detail: Free drinks for the first ten attendees!)

Hope to see you there!

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