Monday, February 27, 2012


“Oh, yeah," Matt snorted. "I bet you really had to twist Carl's arm when it came to sticking the knife into Donna one more time. Tell me this isn’t what he’s been itching to do ever since the truth about Jenna came out?”

“I’m not denying Carl has wanted to get back at Donna for their daughter’s death for a very long time now.” Rachel conceded.

“It’s what he was trying to do with Lucas and Spencer, wasn’t it? Set her up to make it look like she was the one who exposed the compound. Only I threw a wrench into those plans, and Carl had to change tactics at the last minute. Though I guess, in the end, one old enemy obliterated is as good as another. He couldn’t kill his daughter’s mother. So he got his son’s father, instead.”

“I thought you would be happy to hear that Dean would be getting support in his case. He is your friend, isn’t he? And you and Donna… you and Donna are over.”

“Doesn’t mean I’m looking to have her end up like Spencer!”

“How dare you? Do you have no notion of what a sacrifice Carl is making? He is putting himself on the line, confessing to things he’d prefer to keep private – “

“Why?” Matt challenged.


Rachel doesn't get the response she expected from Matt, while Dean struggles with his own next step regarding Donna. Steven gets a surprising confession out of Jen, Lila listens to Grant's justifications, and Sarah only hears what she wants to hear from Lorna.

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