Tuesday, February 07, 2012


With one week to go before Valentine's Day, Soap Opera 451 is getting into the spirit of things with a look back to 1983, and a Family Feud Daytime Valentine's special, featuring the cast of AMC versus GH, with:

All My Children
Darnell Williams (Jesse)
Louis Edmonds (Langley)
Richard Van Vleet (Chuck)
Mark LaMura (Mark)
Laurence Lau (Greg)
Ruth Warrick (Phoebe)
Marcy Walker (Liza)
Debbie Morgan (Angie)
Dorothy Lyman (Opal)
Julia Barr (Brooke)

General Hospital
Robin Mattson (Heather)
Loanne Bishop (Rose)
Emma Samms (Holly)
Bianca Ferguson (Claudia)
Jaclyn Zeman (Bobbie)
Stuart Damon (Alan)
Kin Shriner (Scotty)
John Stamos (Blackie)
Steve Bond (Jimmy Lee)
Brian Patrick Clarke (Grant)

Enjoy the memories. And the hairstyles. And the fashions...

(Please forgive any spelling errors. The actors' names were only announced, not written, so I had to go from (thirty year old) memory for both that and the character names - how did I do?)

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