Thursday, February 02, 2012


Alice Barrett-Mitchell played Mary Frances "Frankie" Frame on Another World from 1989-1996, and returned briefly at the end of the show's run as her lookalike, Anne.

She also appeared a few times on One Life to Live as Dr. Morrison.

When we interviewed Alice in the Fall of 2009, she reported:

I’m still a working actor, which is entirely due to my manager who has stuck by me through so many years. For a while after Another World, I was kind of stuck in an age range where I was too mature to play the younger cool moms, and too young to play a mother of older kids. I literally had one line on my resume that represented seven years of hard work, which, in many ways, left me in the position of having to start over. I’ve just started getting jobs playing the mom of kids that are my own kids’ ages, in no small part due to my manager banging down doors and never giving up on me.

Read the entire interview at:

One of those Mom of a Teen roles that Alice played recently came on the Onion News Network, as a mother looking to euthanize her brain dead daughter, now tragically only capable of rolling her eyes and texting.

Check it out below (and imagine Frankie and Cass in the exact same situation with Charlie)!

Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized


Linda Ramos said...
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Linda Ramos said...

I knew that was her. I watched the video this morning and it was bugging me. My husband just watched the video and Frankie just flew into my mind. I do a google search to see if I am right and end up here. :)