Monday, February 06, 2012


Grant had to admit, despite everything that led up to it, most crushingly the scene with Sarah earlier, he was, without a doubt, enjoying bringing Donna up to speed regarding Grant and Marley’s whirlwind nuptials.

“You’re…” Donna appeared unable to complete the sentence, swallowing hard as if struck by a sudden bout of nausea. Followed by aphasia. Followed by amnesia.

“Married,” Grant took particular glee in prompting. “Your daughter and I are married. May I start calling you Mom?”

She gagged on the possibility. “How the hell did you manage to maneuver that?”

“Actually, it was Marley’s idea,” Grant told her the God’s honest truth. “She missed me while at the hospital. She wanted to make sure we were never separated again. Isn’t that sweet?”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Ask her yourself.”

“Why isn’t she here?” Donna demanded. “What have you done with her? What kind of game is this? This is exactly like Victoria all over again, isn’t it? You’ve taken advantage of Marley’s weakened state to sequester her somewhere against her will – “

“Marley isn’t here,” the more hysterical Donna became, the calmer Grant grew. “Because she wasn’t in the mood to face your histrionics. And she didn’t want to startle the girls. She asked me to break the news to you first, give you some time to get used to the idea, then, once you’ve stopped reaching for the smelling salts, we’ll tell Michele and Bridget. The last thing Marley needs her first day out of the hospital – “

“Marley’s been released?”


Grant breaks news of his and Marley's marriage to Donna, while Frankie plans to expose Donna's own marriage to Matt. Lorna and Jamie sift through their respective parents' levels of guilt, Amanda does her best to give Kevin what he wants, Zeno inadvertently makes Charlie feel inadequate, and Sarah ponders her next move.

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