Thursday, February 16, 2012


“Aunt Marley?” Bridget and Michele asked in near-unison, having coming into the sitting room at Donna’s request to find both Marley and Grant waiting for them.

“When did you get out of the hospital?” Michele wondered.

Grant glared up at Donna from the couch. “You were supposed to tell them.”

She shrugged blithely. “I decided to let you surprise them. Aren’t surprises lovely, girls?”

Bridget and Michele didn’t seem too sure about that.

“Are you feeling better?” Bridget asked.

“Much,” Marley swore, needing to all but sit on her hands to keep from stretching them out, desperate for a hug. But, her nieces looked so cautious, she didn’t want to pressure them. “You have no idea how much I missed you both.”

“We missed you, too,” Michele conceded.

“Go on, darlings,” Donna urged the pair forward. “Give your aunt Marley a welcome home hug!”

From the expression on Donna’s face, Marley couldn’t tell if her mother was genuinely eager to make her feel welcome, or if she was pushing the girls in order to make the moment feel even more uncomfortable. Grant, for his part, knew exactly where he fell on the issue.


As news of Marley and Grant's marriage spreads, the couple receives a variety of responses from Bridget, Michele, Kirkland, Lorna - and Sarah. Meanwhile, Jeanne surprises an uneasy Matt, Jen gets life-changing news, and Donna resolves to be honest with John.

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