Monday, January 30, 2012


On January 4, I broke down and made a confession: I'd watched my first reality show. Dance Moms on Lifetime. I couldn't help it. Having worked in figure skating for ABC, ESPN, TNT, etc.... it all just hit too close to home. I couldn't look away.

And then, last week, news broke that Lifetime was developing a spin-off. Ice Moms.

I... there are no words.

My latest enhanced e-book is On Thin Ice, the second book in the Figure Skating Mystery series. Among the reviews from the both the original paperback publication and the current electronic re-release were:

Mystery Ink
: Who knew the world of ice skating was fraught with this kind of soap opera?

Romantic Times Magazine
: Though Jeremy's rapid progress in the sport is somewhat unrealistic, Adams is right on the mark with her portrayal of the time and money spent on training.
: The plot doesn't seem realistic at all, but is fun nevertheless.

Why do I have a feeling that Ice Moms will eventually prove me right... and more?

I can't wait!

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