Monday, January 09, 2012


“Okay,” Matt looked from one to the other. “Somebody needs to clue me in. What are we talking about, here?”

“Dean…” Jeanne beseeched. “It’s not… it’s not important.”

“No?” he asked, voice utterly neutral.

“You’re making a big deal out of nothing.”

“I am,” he repeated slowly, part question, part answer.

“Yes,” Jeanne told him firmly.

“Hey, guys,” Matt pointed his way. “I’m still in the room.”

“It’s not big deal,” Jeanne turned to her husband, figuring that if Dean wouldn’t listen to her, maybe Matt would.

“So I hear,” Matt agreed.

“Your wife spent the night with me,” Dean blurted, prompting both Jeanne and Matt’s heads to whip around.


Jeanne and Dean lay out their version of New Year's Eve events to a befuddled Matt, Jamie negotiates unfamiliar territory with Rachel - and with Grant, Lorna offers Sarah the hindsight of her own experience, Steven gets a surprise, Morgan sticks to his guns, and Amanda goes for the jugular.

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