Monday, January 16, 2012


“I thought I could do this,” Rachel confessed to Carl, broken. “I thought I could obey my children’s wishes, stay away from them until all three came to their senses and realized what a futile cause it was, trying to separate me from you.”

“And you’ve done it. Surely, you don’t consider rushing to be by Jamie’s side a slip in our strategy? This was an aberration, a necessary bending of your resolve – “

“Jamie didn’t want me there,” Rachel said. “He said… he said he didn’t want to get into it with me.”

“Jamie was in shock,” Carl dismissed her concerns as hardly meriting discussion. “His son was battling for his life. Who takes seriously the word of a soul in such dire straits?”

“I made it worse, Carl. My being there made my son’s already excruciating burden even worse.”


“Amanda said as much to me.”

“Ah,” Carl sighed, happy to finally be at the crux of the matter. Jamie’s perceived grief and subsequent rejection he could do nothing to assuage Rachel’s concern over. But, Amanda and her petty vengeance…. “Amanda, of course. Not Jamie, at all. Amanda.”

“Amanda was the one who had to point out to me that I was hurting my son just by being around him.”

“Amanda,” Carl reminded, not even vaguely amused. “Has an agenda where you and I are concerned.”

“You think I don’t know that? You think I didn’t call her on that?”

“Then I don’t understand what the subsequent issue could possibly be.”

“She wasn’t wrong, Carl. She may have had selfish, manipulative reasons for drawing my attention to the situation, but she was not wrong."


Rachel makes a shocking request of Carl, Grant holds back with Sarah while Jamie presses Kirkland, Jenna asks Dean a question he can't answer, and Donna attempts to rid herself of the past as John makes an overture towards the future.

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