Tuesday, January 10, 2012


You say you want a revolution?

Well, if you're a One Life to Live or ABC Daytime fan, odds are, you probably don't.

So, down with The Revolution!

And if you're interested in sabotaging from within, here's a suggestion:

The Revolution is currently looking for all sorts of "regular people" to guest on their show.

They want people who:

Wear their clothes too tight

Want a makeover

Want a makeover for their closet

Want a makeover for their bra

Want to feel sexy
(Makeover, bra and closet optional?)

If you fit any of those categories (or can fake it), you might want to contact the show (directions at the links) and get on camera before sharing your opinion on this latest addition to the ABC Daytime line-up, LIVE!

Good luck!

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