Thursday, January 12, 2012


When news broke yesterday about four One Life to Live stars taking their characters (McBain & the Mannings) to General Hospital once OLTL ends its ABC run this week, the blogosphere, and Twittersphere, and... uh... Facebooksphere? broke into a loud and vociferous debate about the wisdom of such an action.

Fans invoked AW's Jake, Vicky, Cass and Lila moving to ATWT in 1999 as an example of an identical tactic's earlier failure, while others noted the Linda Dano ABC line-up hop of the same year, and other crossovers such as the AMC/OLTL baby-switch saga, or the comings and goings of Ashley, Amber and Sheila within Y&R and B&B.

In 2008, I wrote an article on this blog entitled Pair Jumpers, where I talked about actors who'd made a splash as a supercouple on one show attempting to take that chemistry to another canvas. And how it had never, ever, ever worked.

Four years ago, the piece was, to put it kindly, not well received, as you'll be able to tell via the comments.

Any thoughts on it now?

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