Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I've been feeling nostalgic for soap's glory days lately. (I can't imagine why.)

My first job in soaps was in 1994, at E! Entertainment's Pure Soap.

I'd just gotten my Master's in Broadcasting, and when I saw Pure Soap, I sent a letter to one of the hosts, Michael Logan, telling him that his show was great, but it was lacking just one thing - me.

He agreed. I flew down to LA from SF for a week's work trial and, at the end of it, they hired me. I started as an Associate Producer, then was promoted to Writer, and stayed with the show until it was cancelled at the end of the year. At the time, there were ten soaps on the air and, when Another World was ultimately cancelled in 1999, it went out with a 2.3 rating. Who wouldn't love a 2.3 now?

Thanks to (down with SOPA!), some episodes of Pure Soap are still available.

Check out this interview with Kristian Alfonso (the slightly snarky historical intro is mine)....

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