Monday, January 02, 2012


This Sunday, January 1, 2012, SoapNet ran a One Life to Live marathon. Within an hour of the first episode, someone on Twitter asked the question: What if there'd been social media when this episode first ran?

It seemed like an innocuous, speculative query. But, in minutes, it somehow turned into a game wherein posters (led by ringleaders,!/WeLoveSoapsTV,!/tommiecas,!/SpinsVixenella, and, I confess,!/SoapOpera451) went back in time and offered their opinions as if the shows airing on SoapNet (as well as their contemporaries, i.e. ATWT, AW, GL, GH, etc...) were live, prompting such observations as:

I like Roger Howarth but I don't see how OLTL can sustain this character. I predict Todd will be forgotten in a year & never mentioned again.

I love Mia Korpf! OLTL has the most diverse cast. Finally an Asian character.

Personally, can't stand AW's new Vicky/Marley & the SORASd Frannie an ATWT. 2 green actresses going no where fast.

They just wanted this no-name chick to get her Patty Duke on. Identical cousins

Sabrina's British accent is so awful, more Marland rewriting history.Irna Phillips would be rolling over in her grave

Doug Marland hates the Stewarts & ruined Steve. We've been overrun by the Snyders.

ATWT Snyders are just GL Reardons. Emma is Bea, Meg is Nola, Dusty is Kelly and Lily is Morgan. Stop recycling TPTB!

Doug Marland's stories go on forever. I prefer OLTL's faster pace and time traveling.

On DAYS, Vivian really hates Carly. I'm afraid of what she might do next! Duh, writers, it's Dennis Carrington, not Dennis Wheeler. I never watched TEXAS so the paternity ret-con isn't cannon.

And so, so, SO much more. Click on each individual Twitter handle above for the whole story (and note how confused the people who came in mid-conversation are).

Happy 2012! (From the paaaaaast! Oooh, spooky...)

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