Monday, January 02, 2012


“Hello?” Steven dutifully answered his cell phone, albeit with a minimum of enthusiasm. However, the expression on his face quickly shifted from contempt to alarm as he opened and closed his mouth several times, either trying to get a word in edgewise, or merely attempting to think of something to say.

Sarah, Michele and Bridget exchanged frightened looks in response, all three understanding that any situation that rattled Steven was bound to be really, really bad.

This time, Sarah deliberately tried to catch Steven’s eye in order to ferret out what Grant might be telling him. But, Steven turned his back on them all and plugged his ear with one finger, the better to concentrate on what Grant was saying.

Finally, he nodded fervently – despite the fact that Grant couldn’t see him – and said, “I’ll call in and let them know soon as I hang up. I’ll meet you there. I’ll try and reach Dad, too. Text me if you hear anything else. Please, Grant.”

It was the please – specifically Steven saying please to Grant – that threw Sarah and the girls from controlled fear into unchecked terror.

“What is it? What’s wrong? What happened?” they peppered Steven with questions before he’d even hung up.


Grant is forced to turn to Steven for help, prompting a surprising response from Sarah; Jeanne and Matt face off after their respective New Year's Eves, Cass is suspicious of Charlie and Kirkland's accident, Chase stuns Lila with the next step of his plan, and Felicia schools Lorna in marital reality.

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