Wednesday, August 31, 2011


In honor of All My Children taping their last day at ABC Studios yesterday, I thought we'd take a look back at 1998's Soap Opera Hall of Fame Ceremony, as televised by E! Entertainment Television.

The special was hosted by Peter Bergman (Jack; Y&R; ex-Cliff; AMC) and the late Ruth Warrick (Pheobe; AMC) was one of the honorees, alongside Eileen Fulton (Lisa; ATWT), General Hospital Executive Producer Gloria Monty and GL Casting Director Betty Rea.

I wrote the show, and had the privilege of interviewing all of the inductees (and their co-stars) for the congratulatory video packages.

In Part #1, we've got red-carpet arrivals at Planet Hollywood (look quickly and you can spot everyone from ATWT's Don Hastings to AMC's Julia Barr to a a pint-sized Hayden Panetierre, then of GL; not to mention Isaac Hayes!), and a retrospective of past honorees (Irna Phillips! Bill Bell! Macdonald Carey!).


More to come, tomorrow!


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