Monday, August 08, 2011


Seeing the obvious concern and pain on her face, Lucas gave up trying to deny that Jeanne's report hadn't put them all in danger and instead attempted to reassure Lorna, "The situation is under control. Carl's security — "

"Won't do a damn thing for you, if it comes down to us or them."

"You're wrong. You and Devon, he'll look out for you two."

"Because of Jamie," Lorna guessed, then added bitterly. "I suppose he wouldn't risk Rachel going frigid on him when her son's family ends up murdered on their front lawn." She shook her head and demanded, "Why didn't you warn me, at least? Why did I have to piece this whole thing together on my own?"

"Because you had more than enough on your mind these last few months!"

"These last few months? This has been going on for months?"

"When did you want me to tell you, Lorna? Right when you woke up from your coma? While you were trying to set things right with Jamie? On your wedding day? Maybe in between contractions?"

"Alright. So I've been busy."

"You've been recovering! Jamie warned us about what could happen if you were put under any undue stress. That's why Fanny and I — "

"What? What, Dad? What else have you been doing?"


Lorna demands Lucas quit lying to her, Grant wonders what precisely Sarah wants from him, Alice questions Amanda's claims of happiness, Kirkland explodes at Jamie's interference, Felicia tries to provoke Chase into revealing his true agenda, and Rachel balks at Matt's quickie engagement.

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