Thursday, August 25, 2011


“I can’t imagine Kirk hasn’t broken curfew before,” Lorna offered with what she hoped was a comforting smile.


“Never?” The comfort turned to disbelief.

“Never,” Jamie shook his head. “Even when I was working late at the hospital and I’d never be the wiser, he’d call to check in and let me know he was home okay.”

“He could’ve been calling from anywhere.” Lorna pointed out, not so much looking to get Kirkland into retroactive trouble but more to keep Jamie’s visibly growing terror in check. “Are you sure Kirkland’s, well, normal? He isn’t some throwback Stepford child post-experimental brainwashing?”

“He’s a good kid. Who, at the moment, is scaring the hell out of me.”

“Maybe he’s just still upset from earlier.”

“And, what? punishing me for talking to Frankie by staying out, ignoring my calls, and making me sweat? No matter how mad he is, he’d at least answer his phone to yell at me about leaving him alone. When Kirkland gets mad, he also gets scarily articulate.” Jamie scanned the darkness beyond their window. “No. Something’s wrong.”


Jamie's concern about Kirkland proves tragically accurate, Cass and Frankie at long last level with Charlie, Morgan challenges Amanda regarding her true motivations, while Sarah tempts Grant into abandoning his common sense.

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