Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Before Roseanne was officially NUTS, she was just a little wacky (which is what they call people when they are certifiable but still producing a show that makes lots of money).

One of her saner ideas, however, was asking to appear on General Hospital in 1994 (who wouldn't want to do that?). Of course, playing Jennifer Smith, last seen in 1980 as a sweet, demure, shy young woman unaware of her father's mob connections (or the fact that Luke Spencer was only marrying her to keep from being knocked off by said father) was a bit out there. But, see above re: making ABC lots of money.

So whatever Roseanne wanted, Roseanne got.

Check out a clip from the soap below:

Then, in a case of turnabout is fair play (also known as: Why shouldn't we promote our top soap on our top sitcom? Remember back when ABC still cared about its soaps?) Luke and Laura pay a visit to Roseanne...

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bl said...

Roseanne also gave OLTL face time on her show. Remember when soap operas weren't ignored by their prime time networks.