Monday, August 01, 2011


"You're forbidding me, Mary Frances?"

"Yes," Frankie crossed her arms, hoping the tremor in her voice was audible only to her.

"Really?" Cass asked again, his tone not so much challenging as disbelieving.

"I'm asking you," she changed tactics. "I am asking you to do this. For me. Just let this whole thing drop. Charlie and Kirkland will figure it out on their own. We don't need to get involved."

"Clearly Jamie thinks the situation warrants parental interference."

"Jamie micromanages his kids! He's a Frame. It comes naturally."

"You're a Frame."

"Exactly. Which means I know what it's like to have your every move tracked and questioned and criticized. And criticized. And criticized."

"So this is about Emma?" Cass guessed.

"This is about me not wanting to be like Emma. Or for Charlie to feel like she can't tell me anything because, sure as the sun rises, I'll manage to find fault with it. I don't want my daughter going through life convinced she's incapable of making a good decision. I had to trek all the way to the Himalayas to settle if I wanted to take you back after you left me for Kathleen! That's what happens when it's been drilled into you that whatever you do, you'll be wrong — according to your mother, anyway."


Frankie explains herself to Cass, Grant turns to two unlikely sources in a desperate attempt to help Marley, Amanda and Kevin face harsh truths about their daughters, Jeanne puts Matt in an awkward position - twice, and Rachel makes her final decision regarding Carl.

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