Thursday, August 04, 2011


"The only person... " Sarah began, "The only person in my entire life I was ever myself with... it was you, Senator."

Grant blinked in surprise, unsure of how to react to that, so he merely smiled and offered, "Should I be honored?"

She shrugged. "Not really. There was no reason to pretend. I didn't want anything from you."

"Oh." Again with the unexpected disappointment. Grant realized that, for a girl her age, if he wasn't a teacher or a boss or someone else with direct influence over her life, he probably didn't even register as a human being. As a man.

"I was talking to a — I guess she's kind of a friend — earlier, and she told me that the best way to stop hating the reflection you see in the mirror was to find the most awesome person you know and try to see yourself through his eyes. That's you."

"I'm the most awesome person you know?" Grant's heart inexplicably skipped a beat. It had been a long while since anyone had paid him a compliment, even a back-handed one.

"You're the only one who's seen the real me."

Which wasn't really an answer to his question. But, beggars couldn't be choosers, so Grant decided to take it, nonetheless. "If you say so, Sarah."

"I do. That's why I came over. I wanted to ask... I wanted to ask, do you... do you... like me, Senator?"


Sarah puts Grant on the spot, Rachel helps Matt temporarily delay Jeanne while Donna asks Cass to help her make the situation permanent, Frankie and Dean trade confessions, Cory and Elizabeth attempt to make sense of their parents' secrets, and Alice reaches out to Marley with a personal challenge.

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