Monday, August 22, 2011


In spite of his better judgment, which included moral, ethical, sensible and fashionable, Grant nevertheless found himself at the appointed time in the appointed place, in front of Cory Hall at BCU, 8PM sharp, wearing, if not quite the 70s leisure suit Sarah had requested, at least a casual, cream Elements By Zanetti designer one over a Ferregamo dress-shirt, no tie, collar unbuttoned. This, for Grant, was as laid-back as it got.

All around him, kids who looked Kirkland’s age – no, Grant wasn’t going to dwell on the fight with Kirkland, not right now anyway – streamed past him into the dance dressed in an assortment of outfits ranging from Saturday Night Fever to Woodstock to Annie Hall. None of them gave a damn about Grant’s presence. And none of them were Sarah.

He was beginning to wonder if he’d misunderstood her directive entirely – maybe she was just asking him for advice on what she should wear to best reflect his archeologically ancient generation – when he heard a voice call out behind him, “You made it!”

Grant turned around, already smiling in anticipation, ready to tease her about being late. Except that every word instantly flew out his head the moment he caught sight of Sarah’s chosen get-up for the occasion.

She wore a hot-pink, Lycra, micro-mini dress, turtleneck but sleeveless, and so skin-right, Grant couldn’t believe anything might possibly prove capable of sliding in beneath it and her skin, accessorized with matching, knee-high boots on spiked heels that brought her up nearly to Grant’s eye-level.

His speechlessness seemed to thrill Sarah to no end. She grinned, grabbing his hand, and leading Grant inside. “I’ve been waiting for you!”

Once over the threshold, it was wall-to-wall bodies. Wall-to-wall gyrating bodies, and music that echoed off every one of those walls, along with strobe lights and the smell of cheap, college beer. Grant wasn’t sure what to do first. Blink until his eyes adjusted to the glare, shake his head in hopes of warding off the ringing in his ears, or just drink and see if that might conveniently solve both problems.

He never got the chance to attempt either.


Charlie attempts to explain herself to Kirkland while Frankie does the same with Cass - only to receive a surprise in return, Jeanne makes a move on Dean, John urges Donna to be true to herself, for Marley's sake if nothing else, and YOU get to vote on the future of Sarah and Grant's relationship!

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