Thursday, August 18, 2011


“Cass and Frankie have agreed to investigate Jeanne for us.”

That certainly got Matt’s attention. His chin jerked up and he put both his hands over Donna’s wrists, directing her to look at him. “We’re having Jeanne investigated?”

“How else are you and I supposed to get rid of that loathsome girl?”

“I…” Matt began, realizing he didn’t have an answer. Or an alternative. “What do you expect Cass and Frankie to find out about her that we can use?”

“Please, Matthew, a young woman with so revolting a personality is bound to leave a trail of victims in her wake. You hardly think you’re the first, do you?”

“Well…” Again, he had no answer. All Matt had was the observation, “Jeanne is pretty open about things. Even when she does something rotten, she admits it as she’s doing it. I really don’t think she’s got secrets to be uncovered.”

“Everyone has secrets,” Donna contradicted. “Especially those who like to boast how they’re an open book.”

“But, just in case, what are we going to do if Frankie and Cass come up empty?”

“You mean, in case you have to marry Jeanne anyway?”

Matt nodded. Which was kind of hard to do when you were lying down.

“If it comes to that, I did happen to think of an alternative...."


Donna offers Matt one vision of the future while Rachel and Jeanne consider another, Marley questions John about the past, Lori Ann's extended family ponders what they've gained and lost since Jenna's death, Kirkland's misguided tirade prompts Grant to utterly reevaluate his next move, and Lila confronts Chase.

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