Thursday, September 01, 2011


"You handed Carl this war, you arrogant bastard!" Grant could hear Vicky railing at him from beyond the grave. "Our son’s blood is on your hands."

“I’ll die before I let that happen. I’ll die before I let them hurt our son.”

"Is that pledge supposed to impress me?"

“My actions will speak for themselves. I’ll show you what kind of a father I can be.”

"If you’re true to form, Kirkland is as good as dead. Like his uncle Ryan."

“I won’t make the same mistakes again.”

"Mistakes are all you do, Grant. Mistakes are all you’ll ever do. Just stop talking, go away, go to Hell, let me rest in peace."

“I need your help,” Grant refused to be cowed by her imaginary rants. “I need…”

"What? A backbone? Balls? A conscience? Absolution? Piss off."

“I need you to watch over Kirkland. Keep him safe. Give him courage until I…until Jamie and I get there.”


Grant turns to Vicky for help with Kirkland, while Jamie struggles to convince Lorna that history won't be repeating itself. Spencer searches for a way to say good-bye to Alice and Carl uses his relationship with Rachel to set an example for his children.

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