Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As it has been well established previously, I love soap operas, figure skating, and musical theater.

While I have had some success in the soap opera field, my biggest stumbling block with the latter two (aside from the fact that I do not enjoy falling down on cold, hard wet surfaces) is that I have no musical ability.



It's pathetic.

My brother, the one-time ice dancing champion, will put on the simplest piece of music imaginable and taunt, "Find the beat, Alina."

Needless to say, Alina cannot do so.

So while in my wildest dreams I would like to be the next Stephen Sondheim, let's just say there is no chance of that happening ever.



So what do I do instead? I work with talented people in musical theater. Like Dan Elish. He wrote the book to the Broadway musical, 13. And before that, he wrote a musical, "The Worldwide Dessert Contest," which was based on his children's fantasy novel of the same name.

So while Dan did the, you know, actual stuff that requires talent, I produced an enhanced e-book version of "The Worldwide Dessert Contest," which features all the text of the original, plus all the songs from the musical combined into one.

You can experience "The Worldwide Dessert Contest" on your iPad, your tablet, your phone, your laptop or your PC. Anything with an Internet connection will do. All you need is to download the free Amazon Kindle app and you're good to go!

Check it out at: (After all, who can say no to a great dessert?)

In the meantime, for a taste of what a Dan Elish musical book might be like, watch the trailer another of his children's books, "The School for the Insanely Gifted" below.


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