Thursday, September 29, 2011


“Have you completely taken leave of your senses?” Rachel gaped at Donna as the latter calmly stepped out of her Mercedes, having methodically and thoroughly crumpled the rear end of Carl’s Rolls Royce with her own front bumper.

Donna patiently checked her make-up before snapping shut her compact and waving her fingers in Rachel’s direction. “Be a dear and call your dog of a husband to heel, would you? I have something I wish to discuss with him.”

“What you have is thirty seconds to get off my property before I – “

“Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear,” Donna smiled tightly, casually retrieving a gas can from the trunk of her battered car before upending the container over the roof of Carl’s prized Rolls, the gasoline fumes hitting Rachel’s nose. “Summon your husband or I will summon him for you. You forget, your unhinged daughter-in-law gave me a little lesson on the motivating power of fire… Oh, why, good day to you, Carl,” Donna greeted the figure hurrying down the walk even as she threw the gas container to the ground and pulled a lighter out of her purse. “How gracious of you to finally join us.”

“I could never miss the glorious possibility that you might immolate yourself through a combination of hubris and gaucherie.”

“Why the hell are you here?” Rachel broke up the banter, deeply concerned about the lighter clutched in Donna’s hand and its proximity to the gasoline soaked car.

“I came to find out why your husband allowed my – our – grandson to be kidnapped.”


A fed up Donna strikes back at Rachel and Carl, Spencer struggles to get through to Kirkland who makes his own tentative overture towards Grant, Zeno continues to toy with Cass and Felicia, Lila gets a shock from Doug, Kevin warns Amanda, and Matt hears the last thing he ever expected to from his mother - twice.

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