Thursday, September 15, 2011


"There’s a Zeno Tantalus,” Cass disclosed. “Who is, believe it or not, a farmer in Oakdale.”

“A farmer,” Felicia repeated slowly. “In Oakdale.”

“Frankie grew up on a farm,” Cass stated the obvious. “And Oakdale is where she was living when…”


“Wait. It gets better. This guy isn’t just your average farmer. Apparently not only is his place organic and pesticide-free and harvested strictly according to the natural cycles of the moon, but it’s a co-op, mind you, where migrant workers – documented and illegal – get a share of the crops they pick. They also offer a jobs program, a shelter for women escaping domestic abuse, a communal kitchen, an abandoned animal sanctuary….”

“Wow,” was all Felicia had to say.

“Sounds like it’s Heaven on Earth. It’s certainly everything Frankie believes in.”

“Well,” Felicia tried putting a bright spin on things. “It’s not as if you’re against any of those things….”

“And yet I’m hardly out there every day, rain or shine, putting my money – and my manure – where my supposed beliefs are. Limousine liberal, that’s me. All lip-service, no follow through. Well, no limousine either these days. But, that’s neither here nor there. Why wouldn’t Frankie prefer – “

“Okay, first of all,” Felicia corrected. “There is one key reason why this Zeno Tantalus place could never have been Heaven on Earth for Frankie.”

“The overabundance of aforementioned manure?”

“The lack of you.”


Cass and Felicia wonder what to do about Frankie's mystery man, Carl fills in Rachel regarding Lucas' accusations, Sarah forces Grant to see matters from a different point of view, Jamie receives a frantic call for help, and the Hutchins twins make a grisly discovery.

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