Thursday, September 08, 2011


“That’s neither here or there,” Donna dismissed blithely. “I am proposing that we merely aid Jeanne in keeping her private life private.”

“For a price,” Matt said grimly.

“Well, of course, darling. I’ve never been the benevolent sort, I think you’d know that about me by now. Besides, to coin an expression your darling Jasmine might employ: She started it.”

Matt continued staring at the documents in his hands. Dully, he said, “You know that Clarice was my mother’s stepsister? Charley Hobson, he married my grandmother Ada. ”

“Yes, I believe I may have been aware of that.”

“You want me to expose something so personal, so horrible – “

“You’re not listening, Matthew,” Donna sighed. “I don’t want you to expose her. That’s the entire point.”

“But, you want me to threaten – “

“Well, yes, threats are rather imperative to a successful blackmail venture.”

“You’re enjoying this,” Matt accused. “You’re smiling.”

“Of course, I’m smiling. I’m happy that we finally have something with which to check that little bitch once and for all. Have you forgotten everything she’s done to us? She blackmailed me over Marley. My daughter is in a mental hospital – “

“That’s not Jeanne’s fault!”

“It didn’t help,” Donna said.


Donna urges Matt to use Frankie and Cass' discovery against Jeanne, Jamie makes a confession to Alice, who offers him shocking news in return, Allie receives a disturbing welcome back to school, Felicia and Lucas get drawn into Carl's web, and Grant wrestles with yet another ghost.

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