Monday, September 26, 2011


Thanks to everyone who made Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments #1 in the Television Guides category on Amazon Sunday night!

Plus, we got our first review!

Dee625 wrote: I downloaded the Kindle reader for PC so I could read this. I enjoyed the reminiscing about great scenes from the soaps I watched and learned about scenes from soaps I never watched. The downside - now I'd like to see some of those long-gone storylines. The upside - interviews with producers and actors about the scenes you loved. Thanks for the memories Alina. I agree with Linda Dano - I never plan to watch that last episode of Another World (it's around here on tape in case I ever wanted to). That would make it over, and it never will be for me.

Thanks, Dee! And remember, as a thank you to readers of this blog, AWT and Mindy's Twitter, I am offering a free autographed book! Details, here!


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