Monday, May 09, 2011


"Tomorrow is a big day for Lorna," Grant reminded, determinedly ignoring the way Marley flinched every time the topic was touched upon. "By the time she and Jamie pop out of their self-satisfied euphoria bubble and realize what's happened, you and the girls will be long gone and out of their clutches."

Marley stared at him. "Me and the girls? You want me to go into hiding with Bridget and Michele?"

"I know you'd never leave without them."

"No, but...I'd be taking them away from everything they know. Everyone they love... Steven and Kirkland... the McKinnons... their family."

"Jamie and Lorna have no problem taking you away from them, and you're the closest family they've got."

"It's not the same thing and you know it. What kind of upbringing would I be giving them, a life on the run?" Marley shook her head. "I can't. I couldn't do that."

"Is leaving them to Donna's tender mercies any better?" Grant challenged.

"There's the McKinnons," Marley offered weakly. "Vince and Mary, MJ and Adam, Ben and Justin... They could look after the girls until I... until I'm better."

"And what if the fine, upstanding, judgmental and self-righteous McKinnon clan decides to fight you for custody? Do you really want your girls being raised by Mary McKinnon, someone who once thought Reginald was an okay guy?"


Grant has a plan for Marley, Lila has a wake-up call for Frankie and Cass, Allie has a plan, Felicia has a confession, and Matt has a theory.

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