Tuesday, February 01, 2011

By Alina Adams

When half your career is spent writing books and half in television, it's inevitable that you'll eventually get an itch to combine the two (arguably, I did that with Oakdale Confidential, Jonathan's Story and The Man From Oakdale; but I've always been one of those overachieving, take it to the next level kind of girls.)

Now that the technology is finally here, I'm dying to write a book that fuses text and video in the same way my original concept of www.AnotherWorldToday.com had.

My first attempt at this sort of hybrid was taking a previously published novel of mine, Skate Crime: A Figure Skating Mystery, and turning it into Skate Crime: Multimedia, with skating videos inserted right into the story. (You can check out how it works via the link below:)

For my next project, I'm thinking bigger, better, brighter, bolder. And I'm thinking soaps!

Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments will pose the following question to a wide range of producers, directors, writers, actors and fans: Which one moment from the past seventy-five years of broadcasting would you pick to demonstrate daytime drama at the very top of its game?

Their answers will be compiled and edited, inside stories and memories will be solicited from those who participated in the most frequently named moments, and then (this is my favorite part) actual clips of those moments will be included in an enhanced e-book that will serve as a permanent monument to the very best of soaps. (This is in keeping with Soap Opera 451's motto: We're remembering.)

I realize that I am embarking on a monumental project. I'll keep you posted as we go through the process right here on this blog.

I'll also be asking you for help along the way. Got a moment that you think absolutely defines how good a soap opera can be; something that deserves to be noted and recorded as a pinnacle of achievement in the history of the genre? Write to me at AlinaAdams@gmail.com and let me know! Feel free to include any questions you'd like me to ask the folks who were a part of it. (I can't promise I'll get you all the answers you're looking for, but I do promise to try!)

Together, let's build a definitive, living tribute to the shows that have meant so much to us all.

I hope you'll join me!


MadreMaria said...

So many moments, but if I had to pick just one, I think I'd go with Reva & Josh's Cross Creek wedding when Reva arrived by boat on Guiding Light.

birdie said...

Everyone came running into my room when Cindi (Stuart's wife) died on All My Children...they were wondering what the wailing was all about. It was an important story line too, Cindi died of AIDS.

Warren said...

When Laura died on AMC and Adam had to tell Brooke.

Nancy said...

You have named the first ones I thought of, but the performance by Eden Riegel in the rape storyline was fantastic. She deserved awards for it and did not get it. I was very disappointed.

Nancy said...

One more thing on Brooke's little girl, Laura...at the funeral when Donna sang, I thought her voice was totally amazing. Talk about a tear jerker!

kdmask said...

Oh, well... Luke raping Laura. I say that because it was done so well, and in such a soapy fashion, fans actually wanted MORE of the couple. It was an old-fashioned bodice ripper before political correctness came into play. The entire sequence was shot so well, right down to the music, "Rise" by Herb Albert.

C. said...

Let's see...

Another World: Cass and Frankie's Venice wedding. Starting with them being kidnapped by Felicia, Rachel, and company. That whole sequence was just so much FUN! =D

One Life to Live: Dorian inadvertently spills the beans to Viki about what Victor did to Viki... which results in the emergence of Jean, Tommy, Tori, et al.

General Hospital: That one bit from Night Shift when Robert tries to escape from the hospital, and has a little bit of amnesia... ending with Robin going into his room and he looks at her, smiles and is delighted to figure out that she's pregnant.

(does this mean I watch too many soaps? Probably =D)

Paula Mete Maxwell said...

Aloot of moments, one of the best when Liz Taylor, playinf Helen Cassidine put a curse on Luke and all the Spencers to come! (GH) (AMC) When Jessie came back from the dead, and Angie first saw him.

Shari said...

#1 Josh and Reva wed at Cross Creek
#2 Roger kidnaps Holly
#3 Bert dies
GL all the way!!

Liz M. said...

Lots of memories for me it would be the GH show where they showed the AIDS quilt made by so many different people. It gave more people a chance to see part of the actual quilt.

Cassondra said...

Im just wondering when is the deadline for submissions

LeonaBarad said...

The thing about soap opera, something that very few people who work in the field these days understands, is that it's the relationships and small moments that matter. That's why, when the "big moments" happened, they meant so much more. My first thought when I read your post was Karen Wolek on the stand (OLTL). But then it occurred to me that unless you followed her story - all the moments of anguish, self hatred, loathing, etc.- the moment when she testified to save a friend wouldn't have as much meaning. Taken out of context, it's still a great piece of acting, but the full impact is gone. In the "old days" when people made fun of soaps, it's because they were missing all that "insignificant" stuff that we who knew better realized was really the meaningful stuff. That said, I'll still say Karen, knowing full well that it won't REALLY represent soaps at their best :)

Anonymous said...

On One Life To Live when Judith Light portrayed Karen Wolek on the witness stand being cross examined by Herb Tarlek admitted she was a prostitute. This, in all the years and in all the Soap Operas has to be the most gut-wrenching and amazing work ever performed. I am sure I have the names spelled incorrectly, but it was mind blowing. Judith Light did win a Daytime TV award for it and rightfully so. JMO.

Sarah said...

I know this was mentioned on the site but Josh and Reva's Cross Creek wedding and Roger's fall from the cliff on Guiding Light (though I could probably fill you a book just on Guiding Light Great moments lol). For AW easily Mac's death, Ryan and Vicky's many trips to the train trestle, Ryan and Vicky's reunion at the train station, Ryan's tragic death, and anything with Wallingford, Felicia, and Cass. For OLTL Todd and Blair's gold balloon wedding and the AIDS quilt. For GH Luke and Laura's wedding!!!!!!!!!!! and Steve Hardy's death. For Days oh man so many great moments for it probably Steves "death" I still cry watching it

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