Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Ever since I made my announcement about publishing an enhanced e-book featuring soaps' greatest moments (keep those suggestions coming to AlinaAdams@gmail.com - I've loved the ones I've gotten so far!), people have been asking me to name my greatest moment.

Not easy.

However, it is a fair challenge.

And since the theme of my book is: What scene would you put in a time-capsule to demonstrate soaps at the very top of their game, I am going to have to go with....

General Hospital 1994, and Felicia telling little Maxie that the heart that saved her life came from Maxie's cousin, BJ:

Watch it with tissues handy. Many, many tissues.


jocoaction said...

Yeah, I'm bawling right now. That little girl who played Maxie was amazing; is she still in soaps?

Alina Adams said...

When I talked to Claire Labine about this story in 1994 for "Pure Soap" and mentioned Robyn Richards (Maxie) amazing performance, Claire, "She walked into that oxygen tent and inhaled acting."

I don't think Robyn is still working, though....

Derek said...

Some additional favorite moments from my previous post.

This link is the correct one when Vicki Bellman from Texas stands up to her then self-centered daughter Reena


Fast forwarding two years, here are two marvellous scenes showing the very believable reconciliation which occurred between the two characters:



Here's another favorite Ada and Rachel moment from Another World. In a very natural scene, Rachel interrupts her mother who is mopping the floor while listening to the radio


Lastly, here is a priceless scene between Beverlee McKinsey's Iris and her beloved "Daddy" Mac following the funeral of their friend Therese Lamont. Mac scolds Iris for her treatment of Clarice.

Derek said...

oops - here is the mckinsey / watson link


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